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Virgin Galactic trains pilots with Turkish firm’s software

Turkish defense giant’s signature IDX 80 software enables pilots and passengers to test critical conditions

Commercial space flight operator Virgin Galactic uses software made by Quantum3D, a subsidiary of Turkish defense giant Havelsan, to train both pilots and passengers.

Virgin Galactic uses the IDX 80 software, integrated with the firm’s award-winning real time scene management software Mantis, said Havelsan in a Tuesday statement.

Havelsan acquired the Silicon Valley-based Quantum3D in 2016.

The software boasts life-like effects which enable pilots and passengers to test critical conditions such as altitude and sightlines.

The firm has also received an order from another space company for software for space travel simulation.

IDX 80 can be used in many different systems, including fixed-wing aviation, weapons and gunnery systems, maritime, automotive research, development and driving simulators, and land vehicles.

IDX 80 is equipped with the NVIDIA Maxwell-series Quadro GPUs and Dual Intel Xeon E5-series 6-core.


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