Turkcell launches fiber mobilization for ‘Digital Turkey’

Turkcell General Manager Erkan stated that they started a “fiber breakthrough” move to deliver fiber internet all over Turkey and said, “We accelerated our infrastructure works by taking action in Usak, Ordu and Sivas at the same time as Afyonkarahisar.”

Turkcell General Manager Murat Erkan stated at the press conference he held in Afyonkarahisar that Turkcell is continuing its investments at full speed to deliver real fiber internet service all over the country.

Noting that they have started infrastructure works to bring the provinces of Afyonkarahisar, Usak, Ordu and Sivas together with real fiber, Erkan said that with the ₺270 million investment that Turkcell will make in these provinces, it will provide 110 thousand households with lightning-fast internet access. “With the new investment, Turkcell’s total fiber infrastructure in Turkey will exceed 53 thousand kilometers,” Erkan said.

Erkan underlined that Turkcell’s fiber backbone is located in 81 provinces of Turkey, but their aim is to start fiber mobilization and to deliver real fiber internet to homes all over the country.

Expressing that they started a fiber breakthrough move by hitting the first digging in Afyonkarahisar for this, Erkan said, “We accelerated our infrastructure works by taking action in Usak, Ordu and Sivas at the same time as Afyonkarahisar. Very soon, our individual and corporate customers in these cities will start using Turkcell’s real fiber internet that goes to the home and supports speeds up to 10 Gbps. Good luck for our country.”


Explaining that Turkcell continues its efforts to bring the latest technologies to its customers on the fixed side as well as in the mobile communication field, Erkan continued as follows:

“In 2007, we introduced home users to fiber internet service at speeds up to 100 Mbps over our own fiber backbone for the first time in Turkey. In 2011, we increased this speed to 1000 Mbps. At that time, we had revived the competition with fiber infrastructure and invited everyone to invest and develop the infrastructure of our country. The fiber infrastructure investment we made in our country reached ₺7.6 billion. In 2022, we will continue our investments without slowing down and we will make an additional investment of ₺1.5 billion in this field.”

Pointing out that as Turkcell, they have transformed fiber internet into added value with the products and solutions they have developed, in addition to bringing real fiber service to homes, Erkan noted that the number of fiber subscribers using TV+ services has exceeded 1 million today, and that 63 of the 100 households where they provide fiber internet service are using TV+.

Pointing out that they offer new generation technologies such as Wi-Fi 6 to customers for the first time in Turkey, enabling them to experience the same speed of internet throughout the house, Erkan said, “We will continue our investments without slowing down so that real fiber can reach 25 million households in our country. Because we believe that the digitalization of our country will be realized with the high speed and capacity provided by real fiber internet. That’s why our fiber mobilization will continue with new provinces.”


Erkan stated that the way to offer the internet speeds that the people of the country deserve and to digitize the country is through fiber internet, continued his words as follows:

“We once again saw the need for fast and high-quality internet during the epidemic. We now continue our work, education, shopping and communication with our loved ones digitally over the internet more intensely. In order to keep up with this transformation and stay ahead of the competition in the new world order, we need to digitize rapidly. That’s why, as Turkcell, we see fiber as a national issue.”

Reminding that fiber infrastructure is at the forefront of not only fixed internet access, but also for Turkey to accelerate its digitalization in all areas with its transition to 5G, Erkan stated that today, in addition to the total fiber infrastructure owned by the country, 1 million kilometers of fiber is needed.

Source: NTV / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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