Millenicom became the first operator to offer its subscribers the mesh device that expands the coverage of the internet

Millenicom, a subsidiary of SOCAR Turkey, became the first operator to offer its subscribers the mesh device that expands the coverage area of the internet.

According to the statement made by SOCAR Turkey, the TP-Link Deco E3 Mesh Wi-Fi System, offered for sale by Millenicom with prices starting from ₺29.90 per month, enables Wi-Fi signals to reach every point in an area of 220 square meters.

In this context, subscribers who want to use the fiber-speed internet offered by Millenicom at advantageous prices at high quality and uninterruptedly at every point of the house, will be able to have the system in question with installments starting from ₺29.90 per month and up to 24 months in addition to the tariff.

Millenicom General Manager Aybars Karaatmaca, whose views were included in the statement, stated that with the increase in fixed internet usage, high quality and wide coverage connection gained importance and said:

‘As a subsidiary of SOCAR Turkey, which takes the best practices as a reference in all the sectors in which it operates, we closely follow the changing user trends and needs. We are always working to develop the most suitable solutions at the most advantageous prices. With the new type of coronavirus, the use of internet at home has increased and the number of people connecting from different rooms and different devices at the same time has increased. Mesh technology gained importance at the point where modems commonly used in homes were insufficient for efficient internet use. We are proud of being the first service provider to sell mesh devices in our country, by saying that there will be no point where fiber speed internet does not attract at home, and everyone can meet their fast internet needs uninterruptedly.’

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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