YouTube Music for Android testing new ‘Add to playlist’ UI from the web

The latest tweak to YouTube Music sees the mobile apps get the new “Add to playlist” UI that was first introduced on the web app. It’s still in testing and not yet widely rolled out.

Today, the “Add to playlist” sheet on Android and iOS is equally split between “Recent” and “All playlists.” You get a simple list view and a “New playlist” button at the very bottom.

This new interface, which is full width, makes use of a carousel for the “Recent” section and shows playlist covers, as well as the number of songs included. “All playlists” is still a list, but you now get artwork to help quickly identify your collections. Meanwhile,YouTube Music makes use of a “New Playlist” FAB to let you see more of the list.

It’s identical to the version YouTube Music has offered on the Progressive Web App for the past few months. The cross-platform consistency is nice and makes this rollout inevitable.

At the moment, this new “Add to playlist” has been spotted by at least two users. It’s not yet widely available, while there are reports of some initial buggy behavior.


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