Yaay, new generation social media app is launched in Turkey

Yaay application is developed by Appyap Company; this application is a pioneer in many ways, it offers a different experience for users, has multiple services at one place. The application embodies news, trends, validation of information and more. Yaay is developed according to online habits of the younger generation; the application gathers functions of many other applications in itself.

‘’ Our starting point is to attract the youth.’’

Emre Meric, the CEO of Appyap Company said:

‘’Our starting point is to create a dynamic, innovative platform that will attract the youth. There are a lot of messaging, image and video based applications; categorical structure and ‘badge’ operation within Yaay differentiate our application from others. Posts will be categorized according to their contents in Yaay, this qualification will provide an easy experience; for example, if a user only wants to see the news, he or she only will have to order the platform categories according to that.’’

Meric stated that they expect Yaay to receive good interest also from abroad. He said:

‘’We have surveyed the online habits of the countries before we determine the character of the application. All our substructure developments are made in a universal online language and imageries.

Yaay will continue to be improved; we will add few more qualities to the application soon.’’

According to the statement of Appyap, badge and point systems of Yaay will offer additional benefits for the users in the future. Yaay users will be able to gain points for their actions and posts; they will be able to benefit from many campaigns via these points.

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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