Winter warning from Istanbul Governor’s Office for Istanbul residents

Istanbul Governor’s Office issued 11-item warnings to citizens on days and hours when cold weather, snowfall, frost and icing are effective in winter.

In the statement made it was stated that “Regarding the public institutions and organizations to take the necessary measures regarding the effects of the winter season in our province, in accordance with the Circular of the Ministry of Interior dated 27.10.2021 and 2021/5, it has been decided to implement the following measures in order not to adversely affect the daily life of our citizens due to snowfall, frost, icing and sudden temperature drops.”


The measures to be taken in the said statement were listed as follows: “The relevant institutions and organizations will work on a 24-hour basis until the adverse weather conditions leave our province. During the days and hours when cold weather, snowfall, frost and icing are effective;

To follow the warnings made/to be made by Official Institutions and Organizations and to comply with the issues specified in these warnings,

Reporting homeless people staying on the street to our ALO 112, 153, 155, 156, 183 call lines or to our District Governorates,

Our citizens should not go out to traffic with their private vehicles unless it is necessary, they must have chains, wedges and towing ropes in their vehicles, and they have the necessary technical controls of the vehicles,

Avoiding illegal and endangering traffic, complying with traffic signs and signals,

Our drivers should not use the safety lanes and show sensitivity in this regard, they should also use alternative routes when the traffic is heavy, not to leave the vehicles by the drivers in case of breakdowns, and to make an emergency call by calling 112 Emergency Call Center, 155 Police Emergency, 156 Gendarmerie, 158 Coast Guard and 159 Highways,

Being cautious and careful in meeting daily needs such as electricity cuts and water cuts, heating and lighting,

In order to facilitate the work of the assigned teams, site, apartment and workplace responsible managers and owners should clear their existing areas, entry and exit roads from snow and ice,

Giving food and water to suitable places, considering that there are stray animals that have difficulty in finding food and water due to cold and rainy weather conditions,

On days when sudden temperature drops and adverse weather conditions prevail, elderly, children, pregnant, heart and lung disease citizens should not go out unless they have to, as recommended by health officials,

To be careful in the use of stoves in residences against carbon monoxide poisoning,

It is of great importance for the safety of life and property that our citizens, who have been infected with influenza, do not enter the places where they live in groups.

Our citizens should call the 112 Emergency Call Center, the Istanbul Governorship Provincial Directorate of Disaster and Emergency (Istanbul AFAD) 0212 455 56 63 and the Metropolitan Municipality Disaster Coordination Center (AKOM) 0212 444 25 66.

Source: / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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