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We have a duty to put Turkey among the world’s top 10 economies: Minister Varank

Mustafa Varank, the Minister of Technology and Industry stated that he was happy to attend the book distribution event in the city where he came to join TEKNOFEST in the program “Gaziantep Meets TUBITAK Books” held at Sahinbey Culture and Art Congress Hall.

Reminding that some restrictions were made in TEKNOFEST events due to the epidemic, Varank stated that the festival still continues with great enthusiasm in Anatolia. Varank underlined that the Ministry and it’s affiliated institutions do important work for the development of science in Turkey; one of these works is the dissemination of science culture and the encouragement of young people in this field. Stating that TUBITAK works were also distributed in Tokat and Konya, Varank said:

 “We are bringing a TUBITAK library to each school without exception. I learned how good the effects of this work were from the feedbacks from other cities. I hope that our young people, who grew up with these, will undertake very important works in the future, and achieve important successes in the way of science and technology. TUBITAK publications are really valuable; we have magazines published for over 50 years. We are publishing high quality science books. It will be really beneficial if these are provided in educational institutes from kindergartens to high schools. I also thank our Sahinbey Municipality.’’

Stating that they approve the proposal of Sahinbey Municipality to become a partner for establishing technology workshops in schools, Varank stated that they will support these workshops through Development Agencies. Varank emphasized that they see a bright future for Turkey and said:

‘’ As the Ministry of Industry and Technology, we have a duty to put Turkey among the world’s top 10 economies. We are aware that the way to achieve this is through value added production. While thinking about this, we always dream of how fast our young people are and how important things they can easily know. What needs to be done here is to educate people who will create this added value.’’

Gaziantep, is an important city with its culture and tourism and history, but also an important industrial city in Turkey. The export made from Gaziantep really makes us proud; but when we look at the Gaziantep industry, we can see the need for high technology. We will be able to undertake works that will transform Gaziantep industry, with the infrastructures we will create and especially with the investments we will make in human resources. In this sense, all the institutions of our Ministry, both Small and Medium Industry Development and Support Administration (KOSGEB) and development agencies value Gaziantep so much and continue to invest here. Gaziantep’s economy and industry will reach much further than this. “

Mentioning that they also have a work on the earthquake master plan, Varank stated that TUBITAK is an institution with very important infrastructures operating with it’s own institute in addition to disseminating and supporting the culture of science. Minister Varank said:

‘’We want to give support to all master plans in Turkey via TUBITAK. I wish this to be beneficial for our city, too. “

‘’We will distribute books to 1195 schools.’’

Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal, the president of TUBITAK stated that the most important thing is to invest in people and in the future. Explaining that TEKNOFEST excitement has been experienced for nearly 3 weeks, Mandal said:

 “We are holding the real TEKNOFEST between September 24-27. We had the opportunity to combine this event with TEKNOFEST. Today, our books will be distributed to our students. We will distribute books to 1195 schools in Gaziantep. Our books will reach all our schools along with the districts.”

Prof. Dr. Mandal pointed out that this investment is an investment in the future and said:

“There is digitalization, it is true. But touching the book is something else. We had such an event in Tokat and Konya. Now we are organizing a big event in Gaziantep. We have the opportunity to reach much more masses through our books. The support provided by TUBITAK to young people is not just books. In this sense, Gaziantep provides a very important benefit. “

Minister Varank examined the works of young people studying in the vocational courses of Sahinbey Municipality and delivered the books to the students at the end of the meeting. Minister Varank also accompanied the signing of the Gaziantep earthquake strategy protocol in the meeting which Selcuk Bayraktar, the board chairman of TEKNIOFEST, and the chairman of T3 Foundation Board of Trustees, Mehmet Gulluoglu the president of Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) participated to.

source: AA / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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