Turkiye’s annual inflation hits 78.6% in June

Consumer price index sees 4.95% rise on monthly basis, says TurkStat

Turkiye’s annual inflation rate was at 78.62% in June, the country’s statistical authority said on Monday.

The consumer price index saw a 4.95% rise on a monthly basis, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat).

An Anadolu Agency’s survey predicted that the consumer price index would rise 4.44% in June, while the economists surveyed forecast annual inflation would climb to 77.74%.

The lowest annual increase was in the communication sector with 23.74%.

It was followed by the clothing and footwear sector with 26.99%, education with 27.76%, and health with 39.34%.

The largest annual rises were seen in transportation with 123.37%, food and non-alcoholic beverages with 93.93%,and furnishings and household equipment with 81.14%.

Turkiye saw a 73.5% annual hike in consumer prices in May.


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