Turkiye: 63.4% of electricity was produced from renewable sources in May

The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources announced that 63.4% of electricity production was met from domestic and renewable resources in May.

In the sharing made on the Twitter account of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, it was emphasized that among the domestic and renewable resources that produce 63.4% of electricity, hydroelectric power plants rank first with 26.3%.

The share of domestic coal in production was 16.1%, the share of wind 10.4%, the share of sun 4%, the share of geothermal 3.6% and the share of biomass 2.7%. Other sources made up the rest.

It was stated in the sharing that the installed power increased by 325 megawatts in May and reached a total of 100 thousand 667 megawatts, and it was stated that hydroelectric power plants ranked first with a share of 31.3% of the installed power.

The share of wind energy in the installed power was 10.9%.

Source: Trthaber / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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