Turkish unmanned aerial vehicles fly to export with new capabilities

While the Anka and Aksungur produced by TAI are gaining new capabilities, the national unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are preparing for new export successes in the near future.

Turkish defense industry companies are exhibiting their products and capabilities at the African Aviation and Defense Fair AAD 2022 in Pretoria, the capital of South Africa. Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAS) introduced aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles and satellite platforms at the fair and held a series of meetings regarding these.

Omer Yildiz, Deputy General Manager of Turkish Aerospace Industries UAV Systems, said that their efforts to bring new capabilities to UAVs continue.

“The integration of Kuzgun will be completed in 1 month and it will be used in the field”

Stating that they are working on the integration of the free fall version of the Kuzgun, which can carry different warheads from 20 to 60 kilograms, developed by TUBITAK SAGE, to Aksungur, Yildiz said that rocket and turbo-propelled versions will follow. Yildiz said:

“We finished the ground tests of Kuzgun, we came to the virtual firing point. Probably within 1 month, the integration of Kuzgun will be completed and it will be used in the field. Kayı, which is also developed by TÜBİTAK SAGE, is one of the ammunition waiting for integration. There are LGK (laser guidance kit) and miniature bombs developed by ASELSAN, which are waiting in line for integration.We will integrate these into Aksungur, respectively.

We successfully conducted the listening activity for Sonoboy, which allows acoustic listening by being left in the water and detects whether there are threats such as submarines. We aim to complete the processing of the heard acoustic signals on the vehicle this year. In the third stage, we will try to release Sonoboys from maritime patrol planes from UAVs.”

Simsek is accelerating for national air defense systems

Yildiz, who also gave information about the target aircraft studies, said that the supersonic target aircraft is ready and they are waiting for the works on the engine. Omer Yildiz said, “We will also have a new Simsek target aircraft, weighing approximately 200 kilograms, capable of flying at 0.8 mach speed in 6 months. His work continues very quickly. This aircraft is necessary and will be used especially for the test of air defense systems developed by Turkiye. The given timetable is 6 months and we will finish it in this time.”

Asked about the use of national engines in Anka and Aksungur, Yildiz said, “Aksungur is currently flying with the PD170. After completing the flights there, we will switch to the Anka side, but our transition will probably not be before the end of the year.”

The countdown for cargo UAVs

Omer Yildiz stated that they will deliver the 3 rotary wing UAV with the ability to carry 80 kilograms of payload to the Presidency of Defense Industries by the end of the year. Yildiz said that they have started work on another vehicle with a carrying capacity of 200-250 kilograms.

Export route of national UAVs

Upon the questions regarding the export activities of UAVs, Yildiz made the following assessment:

“We delivered 3 vehicles of Tunisia, they applied to buy 2 more vehicles. We made the contract or we will. We are negotiating with 3 more countries in Africa, we are very close to an agreement. Our Kazakhstan vehicles are ready. We will send the hangars of the vehicles when they are ready. In Malaysia, there was information that they would invite them to the contract, but no official contract invitation was received. When they invite them to the contract, we will have put into effect the 3-vehicle agreement. Our vehicles in Tunisia are Anka. Of the 3 countries in Africa, 2 are interested in Aksungur and 1 in Anka. The contract in Malaysia is also for Anka. Kazakhstan’s next requests will probably be Aksungur.”

Source: Trthaber / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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