Turkish fashion industry will be marketed via digital exhibitions

According to the statement of Aegean Exporters Union (EİB), Turkish Fashion Industry carried out the Turkey’s first digital fair called ‘’Shoedex2020 Shoes, Bags and Leather Accessories’’ between July 1-4; the fashion industry is now working on increasing it’s exports in the ‘’Global Apparel Sourcing Expo 2020’’ fair which will be held between 15 Jul and 14 August.

Sertbaş, the president of Aegean Ready Made Garment Apparel Exporters’ Association said that it seems as impossible to physically carry out a fair for a long time due to Covid-19; hence digital fairs hold a crucial position in marketing the exporting goods during this period. He continued:

‘’ We will provide 15 thousand buyers from 120 different countries with participation to Global Apparel Sourcing Expo 2020 fair. We are studying on how to organize the participation of the Apparel Exporter’s Association members. We will digitally gather our suppliers and exporters together in the Global Apparel Sourcing Expo 2020 fair; this fair will present our exporter firms with new buyers. Turkey’s ready-made wear exports of June is 1 billion 353 million dollars with a 25 percent increase while the June exports of Aegean Ready Made Garment Apparel Exporters’ Association is 104,2 million dollars with a 29 percent increase.”

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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