Turkish Domestic Banana Producers Aim for the Termination of Imports by 2023

The registered product that is naturally grown in Anamur, which is one of the most important banana production sites in Turkey, covers the main part of the farmer’s income. It is aimed that, this product will compensate all the domestic consumption in 2023 with the increasing number of greenhouses.

The President of the Anamur Chamber of Agriculture Ahmet Şeref Gümüş stated that;

‘’ We consume 800 thousand tons of banana. We can meet the demand up to 80 percent; in 1995, this percentage was 13-15 percent.’’  

He also added that after the domestic demand is met, the exportation will be considered.  

Gümüş added, this year’s yield is estimated to be 700 thousand tons.

‘’ Termination of  the imports means covering the hundred percent of the demand. The consumption is now up to 8 kg per person and it will increase at this rate. We estimate that the yield should be over 900 thousand tons to meet the demand. Our farmers are making more and more greenhouses due to the government policy of the production.’’

source: anadolu agency / translated by bazaar team

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