Turkish construction firm uses environmentally friendly materials to reduce waste

Modular building system reduces waste production and increases efficiency

Turkish construction firm Dorce Prefabrik uses environmentally friendly building materials which reduce waste and the impact on the environment.

In addition, the firm creates new buildings using existing freight and shipping containers to reduce material wastage, it said Monday.

One of the biggest problems of construction companies is wasting around 30% of building materials, the firm said.

In this context, Dorce’s prefabricated steel building modules,which are prepared off-site and installed on-site, greatly reduce the amount of waste produced.

According to research, off-site construction of buildings can reduce the waste ratio to 1.8%.

“As an example, a 2,300-square-meter office building may produce 45 tons of waste, while the steel modular building system can reduce this figure up to 800 kilograms,” Dorce said.

On the other hand, traditional buildings produce a serious amount of waste when they are demolished.

According to data from the US Environmental Protection Agency, more than 90% of building materials will be wasted in the demolishing process.

Steel modular buildings provide re-construction opportunities, it added.

The modular building system also reduces noise pollution, construction time and energy consumption and increases efficiency.

At traditional construction sites, a lot of heavy equipment and workers need to be transferred, and this situation causes high emissions, Dorce said, noting that under the modular structure system, the biggest part of building is prepared in the factory.


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