Turkey’s Sustainable Development Goals Map, including investment opportunities in 27 areas

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Investor Map, which aims to increase human and planet-oriented investments, contains detailed information about the investment opportunities offered in 27 areas determined in 9 priority sectors.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Turkey Investor Map, developed by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Istanbul International Center for Private Sector in Development (IICPSD) in partnership with the Presidency Investment Office, was presented at the 11th International Bosphorus Summit.

A panel titled “SDG Turkey Investor Map: Policy Dialogue” was held for the presentation of the map. In the panel, UNDP President Achim Steiner, President of the Presidency Investment Office Ahmet Burak Daglioglu, Turkey Development and Investment Bank General Manager Ibrahim Oztop, UNDP Turkey Resident Representative Claudio Tomasi and Impact Investments Platform Chairman Safak Muderrisgil made evaluations.

According to the information provided, the SDG Investor Map aims to guide investors in mobilizing activities that reduce poverty and inequality, improve health and education, and protect the environment.

SDG Investor Map, which offers a catalog of investment opportunities that will ensure the realization of global goals, aims to create an environment of dialogue between policymakers and the private sector on how to establish an enabling ecosystem in order to realize investments in this field.

SDG investment maps created by UNDP for different countries offer detailed reports on investment opportunities that will facilitate the way to achieve global goals and conditions in target markets and sectors.

Investment opportunities in 27 areas identified in 9 priority sectors are explained

While preparing the SDG Investor Map, a detailed literature review of national policy documents and international development assessments was conducted, and stakeholders were consulted extensively.

The map consists of detailed information on investment opportunities in 27 areas identified in 9 priority sectors. Priority sectors determined for Turkey are listed as: “technology and communication”, “transportation”, “renewable and alternative energies”, “education”, “health services”, “food and beverage”, “consumer goods”, “infrastructure” and “financing”.

Focusing on advocacy and support of impact investing in Turkey, Turkey Impact Investments Advisory Board aims to create an environment that supports the growth of impact investing and supports the development of a well-functioning ecosystem.

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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