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Turkey’s property sales reached ₺456 billion in 11 months, breaking previous records

With the highest sales value declared in the title deed office, Istanbul ranked first with ₺142 billion, Ankara ranked second with ₺43 billion, and Izmir third with ₺32 billion.

2 million 464 thousand properties have changed hands in Turkey in 11 months and ₺456 billion worth of these sales was presented in the title deed office.

According to the data of the Department of Strategy Development of the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre, the number of real estates (houses, workplaces, land, fields) sold throughout the country reached 2 million 464 thousand units in the January-November period.

The figure in question was ₺389 billion 240 million in the whole last year.

In the title deed, the value presented in these sales broke the all-time record with ₺456 billion 224 million 472 thousand.

While the highest sales figure was seen in Istanbul with ₺141 billion 535 million, the number of real estates sold in this province was 351 thousand 518.

Istanbul was followed by Ankara with a value of ₺43 billion 378 million, Izmir with ₺31 billion 794 million, Bursa with ₺17 billion 789 million, Antalya with ₺17 billion 715 million, Mugla with ₺12 billion 536 million, and Kocaeli with ₺12 billion 278 million.

200 thousand 31 units in Ankara, 134 thousand 120 in Izmir, 93 thousand 322 in Bursa, 95 thousand 875 in Antalya, 41 thousand 857 in Muğla, and 63 thousand 465 real estates were sold in Kocaeli.

Title deed fee income exceeded ₺16.5 billion

While 2 million 464 thousand 161 real estates were sold in the January-November period, this figure was 2 million 338 thousand 269 during the last year. The number of houses sold in 11 months was 1 million 393 thousand 335.

In this period, in addition to the sale of nearly 2.5 million real estate 10 million 44 thousand transactions were made in donations at the title deed, contract for lifelong support, division, transition, personal mortgage, agricultural mortgage, residential mortgage, personal mortgage abandonment, agricultural mortgage abandonment, genus allocation, exprotation, and other transactions.

The fee income from real estate sales was ₺16 billion 533 million 236 thousand in the January-November period. The fee income from all transactions exceeded ₺17 billion 75 million.

Source: AA / Translated by Bazaar Times Team

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