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Turkey’s first integrated solar panel production facility will be opened in August

First production facility of integrated solar panel in Turkey is expected to start working within next month; the facility is founded by the investments of Kalyon Holding.

Cemal Kalyoncu, the CEO of Kalyon Holding stated that the factory holds a very important position for the national and domestic energy policy of Turkey. He continued:

‘’ Karapınar, a solar power plant with 1000 megawatt power, has a proportion of local production that is over 70 percent. Karapınar plant panels will be produced in this factory. The share of solar power in electricity production will have been 20 percent increased by the time Karapınar is activated. We will help covering the current deficit with 400 million dollars per year by producing electricity in Karapınar and panels in Ankara industrial zone.

The factory’s mounting is almost over and the factory is founded with an investment worth nearly 400 million dollars. We will invest 1 billion dollars on Karapınar power plant; our total investment for these two facilities will be 1,4 billion dollars. We will establish R&D centre in the panel production facility and 100 employed engineers will play an important role in the production of national technology. We will have 1400 employees in total.’’

Kalyoncu mentioned that the facility is important for a cleaner world. He reminded that Turkey’s decision of increasing the solar energy capacity with 10 thousand megawatts within 10 years. He said that Karapınar power plant will block 1,5 million tons of carbon dioxide emission per year. It is planned that facility will be opened on August with the participation of the president Erdogan. The facility will be the first integrated production panel factory in Europe and Middle East with it’s capacity of 500 megawatts.

source: AA / translated by bazaar team

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