Turkey: UAVs named Jackal produced in Gebze were exported to England

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with domestic software, named ‘Jackal’, produced in Gebze Technical University Dronepark, was exported to England. The 5 exported UAVs will be used for the transport of medicines. British company founder Jon Parker said, “Turkey is really on its way to becoming a superpower in this regard.”

Providing service at Gebze Technical University Dronepark, the company exported the UAV, which has a minimum load capacity of 15 kilos and can fly at a range of 130 kilometers, to England. The UAV, which has domestic and national software, will be used by the company purchased in England for the transport of medicines and products that health institutions need. The UAV, which is capable of responding to all kinds of needs in the field of cargo and logistics transportation, is planned to be used actively in the UK in the future.

According to the news of DHA, Rector Prof. Dr. Muhammed Hasan Aslan, general manager of the company where the UAV is produced, Murat Islioglu and the founder of the British company Jon Parker attended the signing ceremony held at Gebze Technical University after the decision to export. After signing, 1 of the 5 UAVs to be exported made a test flight at Dronepark located on the university campus. The UAV, which took off from the runway, landed after successfully completing the flight.


After the test flight, Jon Parker said, “We are a school that provides pilot training around the world. We need to train with new generation vehicles so that we can train and train new generations. This vehicle you see is a state-of-the-art vehicle. We bought 5 vehicles in our first order. This cost a total of $1 million 250 thousand. However, when we consider the future, this is a very small investment. Turkey is indeed on its way to becoming a superpower in this regard. I really think that great success will be achieved in the future. The pilots of the companies we work with will fly these vehicles for training purposes. In addition, there are many areas that we cannot imagine, which will be used to transport drugs, to transport them from health institutions to places in need.”


Prof. Dr. Muhammed Hasan Aslan, stating that they are happy to export the product with high added value to one of the leading countries of the world, said, “Dronepark, which was established in Gebze Technical University Technopark, is the first in Turkey. A structure that brings together the aviation cluster on drone technologies. Within this structure, the Turkish Drone Consortium was established. This structure has now produced the drone as a result of its activity. We are happy, we are proud. GTU’s name will now be heard in England as well. This is a very wonderful result to achieve. Thank you to all my friends who made it happen.”


Saying that it is a very important step for them in drone technologies, Murat Islioglu said:

“Today you can sell this plane to many countries, but selling it to a European country is another matter. We are very happy to have sold 5 ‘Jackals’ to the UK and signed the agreement. ‘Jackal’ is an aircraft designed for cargo and logistics transportation to the aviation industry. After all, this is an aircraft, although that is its purpose, the software and hardware belong entirely to our company, if needed. We are at a point where we can develop and serve this in every field that may be needed. We are very happy to sell the first 5 aircraft to the UK. We work very closely with the engineers and pilots of the British company. They also saw our activities very closely. They witnessed it. When we handed over the control of the plane to our pilot friends, what he said in person was, ‘How easy it is to use. How easily it can be used’, so this plane we designed is really easy for the pilot to train and teach. The cockpit design is also at a very different point. It is a unique design that complies with current aviation norms and can be used very easily at the point where it is needed by anyone who has been certified.” (DHA)

Source: Aksam / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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