Turkey on precipice of export revolution, says trade minister

Design is at core of brand identity, says Mehmet Mus at Design Week Turkey

Turkey is on the precipice of an export revolution, the country’s trade minister said Friday.

“But we know that the realization of this revolution depends on the design and branding, rather than the quantity and price,” said Mehmet Mus.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of Design Week Turkey 2021, Mus said: “Design is not just a visual issue, it is central to the process of identifying customer needs, planning, prototyping and scaling up production.”

The two-day event in Istanbul organized by the Turkish Exporters’ Assembly (TIM), is hosting designers, officials, and business people to discuss sustainable and digital design.

He went on to say that design was at the core of creating a brand identity.

“We strive to increase the quality and value for money of products [..] For this there is a need to focus on customer demands, keeping up with the market changes, and aesthetics,” he added.

He said internationally, even in developed markets, Turkish products stand out because of their design.

Ismail Gulle, the head of TIM, said Turkish designers rank seventh in the Global Design Index with 1,917 points, surpassing several countries such as Germany, Singapore,Russia, and South Korea.

“Our goal is to further this success with stronger products and brands,” he added.

“There are a total of 342 design centers in Turkey, and we will increase this figure,” he said.

By 2030, we plan on raising our export unit price to $2 through adding value, Gulle said.


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