Turkey: Heavy commercial vehicle sales increased by 69% during the pandemic

Heavy commercial vehicle sales reached 2 thousand 798 units in November 2021 with an increase of 66%. Tractor sales increased by 45% and truck sales increased by 137%. According to the Heavy Commercial Vehicles Association (TAID) data, the market grew by 69% in January-November 2021, despite the pandemic conditions.


In this period, a total of 22,643 vehicles were sold, of which 15,297 were tow trucks and 7,346 were trucks. The heavy commercial vehicle market is expected to reach 25 thousand units by the end of the year. The market, which declined to 7 thousand units in 2019, started to rise again. However, the heavy commercial vehicle industry, which saw more than 30 thousand units before, is still far from its bright days. In the first months of the year, record increases were seen in heavy commercial vehicle sales. The market grew by 219% in January, 87% in February, 198% in March, 350% in April, 217% in May, and 117% in June. The market contracted by 6% in July, 11% in August, and 19% in September. With October, a revival was seen in the market. Sales rose 35% in October and 66% in November.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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