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Turkey: Goat milk protein to protect against COVID-19

Scientists say protein can be used in nasal spray or on masks

Turkish scientists have discovered that a protein found in goat’s milk can fight COVID-19.

The professors of Istanbul’s Marmara University Tugba Tunali Akbay, Goksel Sener, and Betul Okuyan published a research in the European Journal of Pharmacology.

The research revealed that a protein peptide from beta-lactoglobulin can work as a potential barrier for the coronavirus.

“We have observed via computer-mediated programs that peptides interact with all of the binding points on the virus. This protein, blocks the receptors, preventing the virus from entering [the human body],” said a statement from the scientists.

They said the protective protein can be used in medicines such a nasal spray or a spray that can be used on masks.

Akbay, one of the researchers, said the findings must not be confused with consumption of goat’s milk.

“We cannot benefit from these bioactive peptides by drinking goat’s milk. We get these peptides using goat’s milk.”

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