Turk Telekom begins Open Carrier Network trials

Turk Telekom plays leading role in developing carrier network equipment to meet requirements of mobile operators

​​​​​​​Turkiye’s telecommunication giant Turk Telekom started to work on open and unbundled solutions that provide traffic transmission of 2G/3G/4G and 5G base stations to enrich existing carrier network solutions.

In this context, Turk Telekom cooperated with the Telecom Infra Project (TIP), which sets open, virtualized interface standards and helps the development of the relevant ecosystem.

At the Turk Telekom Innovation Center, joint trials have begun on flexible, agile, and supplier-independent open carrier network solutions where the hardware and software layers are separated.

Turk Telekom also plays a leading role in these studies and contributes significantly to the development of carrier network equipment to meet the software, hardware, and interface requirements of mobile operators, together with the manufacturers in the TIP ecosystem, which includes the world’s prominent telecom operators, infrastructure, and system providers.

Yusuf Kirac, assistant general manager for technology in Turk Telekom, stated that Turk Telekom supports open source and open interfaces to create an ecosystem that supports new generation network technologies.

“TIP, thanks to the common targets it has set together with the operators and the coordinated employee ecosystem it provides, offers an important basis for developing open and unbundled network solutions,” he said.

“In this context, Turk Telekom takes part in many TIP projects and makes valuable contributions to the maturation of new generation technologies.

Our cooperation with TIP and analysis partners continues to increase. We believe that we will undertake very valuable projects such as this,” he added.

Bhartendu Chaurasia, head of Meta Connectivity Technologies and Ecosystems and TIP Technologies Europe and the Middle East, said: “At TIP,we have studied and developed the decentralized base station-level router ecosystem, and we are excited to see the increasing adoption of open and unbundled solutions for transportation.

“We look forward to continuing our cooperation with Turk Telekom in open network innovation projects.”


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