Trabzon aims to stand out in strawberry after its tea and hazelnut fame

It is aimed to add greenhouse strawberry production to the success achieved in hazelnut and tea production in Trabzon.

Producers in Trabzon, which stands out in the production and export of hazelnut and tea, have started to turn to different products in recent years.

In this context, when successful results were obtained in the first year of strawberry cultivation in closed greenhouses in the region, production increased in the region.

Last year, 50 producers grew 150 tons of strawberries in greenhouses in the city. This year, the production amount is expected to be 250 tons.

Trabzon Agriculture and Forestry Director Cahit Gulbay told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they support producers with different projects.

Stating that within the framework of these projects, the producers tended to grow strawberries in greenhouses, Gulbay said, “In the production of strawberries, we increased from 50 decares to 86 decares in Trabzon. According to 2020 figures, we had a production amount of 150 tons. Hopefully, we will increase our projects even more in the coming days and bring our province’s strawberry production to higher figures.”

Expressing that they are trying to increase the income of the producers, Gulbay stated that by producing the strawberries that come to the city from other regions, they aim to ensure that the consumer receives the product at a more affordable price and that the producer gains more income. Gulbay continued:

“Our producers find the market for ₺12-₺15 per kilo of strawberries and deliver them directly to the consumers. Until the end of this season, it goes up to ₺20-₺25. Our producer can collect the strawberry from the greenhouse and deliver it to the consumer until very late. In addition to the grant support of our Ministry, a ₺100 thousand grant support project for our university graduates will start in the coming period.”

Gulbay said, “The prices of fruits and vegetables produced in Antalya increase until they reach the markets in Trabzon, and there is an inevitable change in the quality of the product, no matter how cold chain is established. But if a product produced here were ordered today, the producer would collect the same quality of strawberries in 3 hours and serve the consumer in half an hour. Our aim is to provide this circulation in our own province.”

Production increased during the epidemic period

Stating that the new type of coronavirus epidemic affected every sector economically, but agriculture was not affected by it, Gulbay said, “Our industry has experienced many in every field. Hopefully, we will support our producers with the most advanced technology with a modern system that we will establish in the future.”

Ahmet Kul, who grows strawberries in Yomra district, said that he and his wife left behind 2 years in the production they started with their own means in 2019, and they received support for the greenhouse this year from the Trabzon Agriculture and Forestry Directorate.

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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