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TOKI: The term can be shortened in social housing projects

Here are some questions and answers about TOKI’s social housing projects.

Can the type of residence be selected at the application stage?
Applications will be made on a project basis, regardless of housing type.
Can people from different households apply for two different projects?
In 250 thousand housing projects, only one application can be made on behalf of the household, and if both spouses apply, all applications will be deemed invalid.
Can grandparents and children over the age of 18 apply to the projects, except for the different persons in the household, the person, his/her spouse and the child under custody?
Yes. Can apply.
Is there an age limit for applications to be made in the martyr family category?
There is no age limit for this category.
What date will be taken as a basis for the validity of the application conditions?
The applicant will have to meet the income, non-residential, residence and age requirements at the time of application. Subsequent changes will not be considered.
Can those who have a ‘building usage certificate’ registered in their name apply to the projects?
The building usage certificate is not among the application requirements.

Can those who have a shared title deed apply?
Applications can be made as long as they are independent and do not have full shares.
How will the disabled and restricted persons apply?
In order to apply for the disabled category, it is necessary to be at least 40% disabled. Parents with a disabled child under the age of 18 will be able to apply on their behalf from the disability category. Persons with disabilities over the age of 18 will apply through their guardians.
When and how will the application fee refunds be made?
The application fees of those who are not the main beneficiaries will be refunded 5 working days after the draw. Those whose applications have been canceled will also be able to receive the application fee as a refund without waiting for the draw.

When will the contract be signed, when will the construction start?
In the housing projects to be built by the administration, contract signing procedures will be initiated after the completion of the zoning planning, project design and licensing processes, and after the tender process and the sales prices of the houses are completed.
Can we transfer the residence?
The buyer does not have the right of transfer for 2+1 and 3+1 residences.
Can the down payment be overpaid or closed completely?
Will it be shortened in the term? There is the possibility of overpaying the down payment rate, it can be closed completely. There is also the possibility of shortening the term.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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