TOBB and Trendyol start support programme for Turkish SMEs (KOBI)

Turkish Union of Chambers and Exchange Commodities (TOBB) and Trendyol ecommerce started a support programme named ‘’Improve Your Business with Trendyol’’ so that larger number of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (KOBİ) will be able to start e-commerce.

According to the statement of Trendyol, this new support programme aims at improving up SMEs (KOBİ) businesses by providing access to millions of customers.

There will be online trainings for KOBİ’s about how to sell on Trendyol. The chamber’s and exchange member corporations wishing to benefit from this programme will be able to sell in Trendyol up to 30 thousand liras with zero commission for a month of notice; this one month notice will start after making the products ready for sale in the platform. Rifat Hisarcıkoğlu, the president of TOBB, stated that:

‘’The corporations making good use of this programme’s opportunity, will be the winners of the future. We will teach our chamber and exchange members the key parts of e-commerce and provide KOBİ’s with starting e-commerce with zero cost via this support programme. TOBB and Ruhsar Pekcan, the Minister of Commerce, asked e-commerce platforms to support KOBİ’s; Trendyol accepted the request. I am asking all businesses that have online marketable products to consider this opportunity.’’

”We aim that more suppliers will be able to reach millions of customers.’’

Demet Mutlu, the CEO and founder of Trendyol, said that Trendyol still supports the campaign of Ministry of Commerce, She said:

‘’We supported the KOBİ’s during the pandemic with ‘’KOBİ Support Package’’ and 15 thousand new suppliers have joined our platform in 3 months; and now, we actualized ‘Improve Your Business with Trendyol’ campaign with TOBB. We aim that more suppliers will be able to reach millions of customers via the support of our platform. We hope to digitalize the commerce and be one of the positive influencer companies of Turkey. We support Turkey KOBİ’s and provide them improvement via e-commerce, therefore we are contributing in local employment increase and domestic development.’’

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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