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Hurriyet Emlak Turkey’s Real Estate report & the ‘September 2020 Estate Index’

The ‘September 2020 Real Estate Index’ data, created from the data across the country, has been announced by Hurriyet Emlak which offers technology solutions that will facilitate the lives of both real estate seekers and professional and individual advertisers.

Hurriyet Emlak discusses it’s performance in the real estate sector in a year; according to the data from Hurriyet Estate, the provinces where housing prices for sale increased the most in a year are respectively Gaziantep with 56.57 percent, Antalya with 43.19 percent, Eskisehir with 41.02 percent, Corum with 38.60 percent and Denizli with 35.71 percent. The provinces that are prominent with prices for per square meter are Mugla with 6 thousand 51 TL, Istanbul with 5 thousand 133 TL, Izmir with 3 thousand 920 TL and Antalya with 3 thousand 782 TL.

Antalya brought the most profit to its investors in 5 major cities

Hurriyet Real Estate Index data also revealed the ongoing activity in 5 major cities. Among the 5 major cities, Antalya brought the most profit to its investors with 43.19 percent. Antalya was followed by Ankara with 33.36 percent, Istanbul with 25.37 percent, Izmir with 23.65 percent and Bursa with 16.14 percent.

Index data also revealed the rise in real estate prices and the dynamism in prices of housings for sale in the districts. The most profitable districts for the receivers respectively are Istanbul Avcilar with 99.66 percent, Istanbul Sariyer with 98.12 percent, Ankara Golbasi with 87.53 percent, Istanbul Basaksehir with 69.14 percent, and Antalya Alanya with 69.5 percent.

Avcilar and Sariyer are popular in demand

According to the data of Hurriyet Real Estate Index, the housings for sale in Istanbul has been on the rise in the last year. Avcilar stands out with an increase of 99.66 percent in a year and followed by Sariyer with 98.12 percent, Basaksehir with 69.14 percent, Besiktas with 58.60 percent and Uskudar with 57.49 percent.

All districts of Ankara have been profitable for the investors and the prices continue to increase. Golbasi stands out with an increase of 87.53 percent and followed by Cankaya with 59.94 percent, Pursaklar with 40.45 percent, Etimesgut with 38.83 percent and Sincan with 32.78 percent.

The fact that the housings in Izmir Balcova increased by 42.97 percent in a year revealed that real estate is still one of the most important investment tools. Balcova was followed by Buca with 37.77 percent, Karabaglar with 36.90 percent, Cigli with 35.58 percent and Cesme with 34.59 percent.

House prices in Bursa Nilufer increased by over 50 percent in a year

In the Nilufer district of Bursa, there has been a growth of 50.18 percent in the houses for sale in the last year; Nilufer followed by Mudanya with 33.35 percent, Yildirim with 23.02 percent and Osmangazi with 22.46 percent.

Antalya is the second city with the highest increase in housing prices for sale in the last year.

Standing out with an increase of 69.05 percent in the Antalya housing market, Alanya was followed by Konyaalti with 60.42 percent, Kepez with 58.44 percent and Muratpasa with 51.97 percent.

‘’ We anticipate that the dynamism in the sector will continue.’’

Zeynep Tandogan, the deputy board chairman of Hurriyet Estate and co-general manager responsible for commercial affairs stated:

‘’The ‘September 2020 Index’ shows that there has been a great dynamism in housing sales in the real estate market in the last year since September of last year. The fact that Gaziantep, Antalya, Eskisehir, Corum and Denizli are among the top 5 provinces in this rise also reveals the rise in Anatolia. House sales increased in Turkey together with the decrease in interest rates, and the increase continues despite the fact that interest rates are increasing again. We anticipate that the dynamism in the sector will continue.’’

source: AA / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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