The number of users in e-Devlet reached 55 million

President of the Presidency Digital Transformation Office Ali Taha Koc stated that the number of users of the e-Devlet Gateway, which improves its content and quality day by day, has reached 55 million.

President of the Presidency Digital Transformation Office, Ali Taha Koc, said in a statement that there are 804 integrated institutions and 5,822 services are offered in the e-Devlet Gateway, which was implemented in 2008.

Koc stated that the system continues on its way much stronger and added saying, “With the e-Devlet Gateway, which reached 50 million on September 11, 2020, 5 million new users joined and reached 55 million, even less than a year later.”

Koc, pointing out that there is an ongoing effort to move the services at the e-Devlet Gateway from individual services to an integrated service form, said, “I would also like to state that we continue to make improvements to offer many interrelated service steps to our citizens as a package under a single heading, with services such as my tools, work life, and residence.”

Explaining that the work and efforts on the e-Devlet Gateway are reflected in international reports, Koc said:

“In the ‘EU 2020 e-Devlet (E-Government) Index’ published on September 23, 2020, Turkey ranked 4th among 36 countries in the User Orientation heading. It is also an important achievement that we have risen from 26th to 13th in the overall index. The future shows us that we work harder and that the digitalization process has a sensitivity that will never be interrupted. Our work will continue uninterruptedly in the future, more inclusive, deep, fast and holistic.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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