The highest export in automotive comes from Istanbul

$690 million of Turkey’s automotive exports of approximately $2.7 billion in April were carried out from Istanbul.

The province with the highest exports in the automotive industry last month was Istanbul with $690 million 247 thousand.

According to the data of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), the automotive industry was the second sector with the highest export volume, with approximately $2.7 billion in April.

According to the information compiled from TIM data, the Istanbul automotive industry realized $690 million 247 thousand of exports last month. Kocaeli was recorded as the second province with $634 million 734 thousand and Bursa as the third province with $494 million 723 thousand.

Sakarya, one of the most important cities of the automotive industry, is in the fourth place of the list by exporting $431 million 332 thousand, while the capital Ankara is the fifth province with the highest export volume with $112 million 379 thousand.

Compared to the same period of April 2021, Istanbul’s automotive exports increased by 20.1%, Kocaeli’s exports by 57.8%, Sakarya’s by 5.5% and Ankara’s by 7%, while Bursa’s exports decreased by 25.8%.

Germany is in the first place

Germany continued to be the largest market in the exports of the Turkish automotive industry. Automotive exports from Turkey to Germany amounted to $395 million 856 thousand in April.

Germany was followed by the United Kingdom with $258 million 478 thousand and France with $253 million 161 thousand in the ranking of the countries with the highest automotive exports. Italy ranked fourth with $211 million 851 thousand and Spain ranked fifth with $205 million 42 thousand.

Turkey’s automotive exports to the USA amounted to $187 million 991 thousand, to the Russian Federation $27 million 253 thousand and to Ukraine $5 million.

Exports to the USA increased by 92.5%

Compared to the same month of the previous year, automotive exports to Russia decreased by 49.4% and to Ukraine by 75.2% in April.

In the said period, while Turkey’s automotive exports to Germany decreased by 5.3% and to France by 18.1%, to the United Kingdom by 17.5%, to Italy by 5.6%, to Spain by 37.1% and to It increased 92.5% to the USA.

Source: Trthaber / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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