The 21-kilometer canal project in Van will be the lifeblood of 6 neighborhoods

Van Metropolitan Municipality is implementing the largest irrigation canal project in the city in Baskale. With the 21-kilometer canal project, which will be the lifeblood of 6 neighborhoods in the district, approximately 35 thousand decares of agricultural land will be supplied with water.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which gives hope to the farmers with the projects it has prepared for the development of agriculture and animal husbandry in the countryside, continues to stand by the farmers who are struggling with drought throughout the city. In this context, approximately 35 thousand decares of agricultural land in Guroluk, Asalan, Azikli, Erek, Orencik and Ortayol districts are getting water with the largest irrigation canal project of the city, the construction of which was started 2 months ago with a cost of approximately ₺4.3 million by the Rural Services Department. In addition to 21 kilometers of irrigation canals, 5 ponds and many flood and road crossing points are also being built with the study. With the canal project, which is hope for thousands of farmers, farmers will also be directed to alternative agricultural plants. The residents of the neighborhood, who followed the works with great enthusiasm, stated that the water problem of 60 years was solved with the works of the Metropolitan.


Stating that they have been waiting for this project for more than half a century, Ortayol Neighborhood Headman Riza Abi stated that they have been trying to irrigate agricultural lands with soil canals for years and said, “The canal project was the one we have been waiting for almost 50-60 years. Not only my neighborhood, but 6 of our neighborhoods here will benefit from these canals. With the construction of the canals, our agricultural activities will increase. We will have a chance to try alternative agricultural plants. Only traditional agriculture is practiced in our neighborhoods. These are forage crops, products such as barley and wheat. We are planning to increase the production of these and to grow alternative agricultural plants with the watering of our lands.”


Ahmet, one of the residents of the neighborhood, who expressed their satisfaction with the work done, said, “We thank the Metropolitan Municipality officials very much. 6 neighborhoods and a hamlet will benefit from this canal project. Here, the future of our agricultural lands, as well as our sheep and goats, depends on the construction of these canals. We are pleased with the work done. God bless everyone involved. God bless Turkey.”

The irrigation canal project, which is of vital importance for farmers struggling with drought, is planned to be completed by the end of the season.

Source: Sabah Translated by Irem Yildiz

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