Teknasyon aims at creating $10B of digital export revenue by 2024

The new collaboration Facebook and Teknasyon started in July paves the way for Turkish digital initiatives to grow globally using the Facebook platform.  Teknasyon, currently making sales to 155 countries, will transfer its global experience to the enterprises doing business in the local market and help these initiatives to open up to the world.

Teknasyon takes part the role of the “Country Partner Responsible for the Growth of Facebook Mobile Applications” in this new collaboration. In this role, Teknasyon has established a new team in order to share all its knowledge and experience with the initiatives in the best way and will support the initiatives included in the “Growth Partnership” program from the first day.

Teknasyon will support the start-ups in every way

The Teknasyon team will work with the initiatives to get to know the initiatives and learn their stories, understand their current status, goals and create a common road map. While creating medium / long term marketing plans within the scope of determining global marketing strategies; the team will support in determining target markets and designs to be used, shaping marketing campaigns, and managing budgets in the most efficient way. The Teknasyon team, will provide mentorship and trainings on campaign management, optimization, conversion enhancement, localization and multi-country targeting, also share their experience in pricing, profitability, scaling and budget planning in order to increase the income of initiatives.

Teknasyon will provide consultancy on sector insights, competitor analysis, market research and new business model ideas in order to strengthen the positions of enterprises in global competition. In addition to sharing its global knowledge and experience, it will also offer the use of customer service management, subscription and in-app purchase management, user authentication, marketing, reporting and analysis tools developed by its own technical team.

The Mediatopia investment is an important example for determining the appropriate strategy

Teknasyon recently supported Mediatopia which received foreign investment over a valuation of 60 million dollars; it showed how important knowing how to market globally, to the right technological solutions, to a good team, and to open up a Turkish digital enterprise to the world, the need for investment opportunities and determination of correct growth strategies are.

‘’Our goal is to create $10 billion of digital export revenue by 2024.’’  

Burak Saglik, the co-founder of Teknasyon said:

‘’ We are working hard to make Turkey one of the world’s digital centers. We have worked very closely with Facebook for years. In this period, Facebook not only offered us a platform where we can deliver our projects to users all over the world, but also contributed to the growth of Teknasyon by conveying its global experiences. We have gained a lot of experience in performance, marketing, creative and media production, localization and opening to global markets. Now, we will share the experience we have gained and the technologies we have developed with entrepreneurs. our goal with this cooperation is to expand the enterprises by opening them to foreign markets and to generate $10 billion of digital export revenue by 2024.’’

The digital start-ups will be able to apply from this site:

source: webrazzi / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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