Technopark Istanbul supports technological start-ups via BIGG Cube Incubation Project

Cube Incubation, the incubation centre of Technopark Istanbul will be supported within the scope of TUBİTAK 1601 Individual Young Initiative (BIGG) Cube Incubation project among 31 implementing organizations.

According to the statement made on the subject, Technopark Istanbul adds a new support to it’s entrepreneurship ecosystem with the TUBİTAK 1512 Techno-Entrepreneurship Support Programme in cooperation with Istanbul Commerce University and Yeditepe University.

It is aimed to provide mentoring support to entrepreneurs who have business ideas in the fields of smart transportation, clean technologies, smart production systems, communication and digital transformation, health and well-being, sustainable agriculture and nutrition with the project to be carried out in cooperation with Istanbul Commerce University and Yeditepe University,

The prerequisites for entrepreneurs who want to benefit from the programme are listed as not having received Techno-Entrepreneurship Fund or TUBİTAK 1512 support before and not having a partnership in any company. Undergraduate students who will graduate within 1 year, graduates, provided that they do not exceed 10 years after their last graduation, and doctoral students can apply to the programme.

The TUBITAK BIGG programme provides prepaid 200,000 TL of grant support for technology and innovation-oriented business ideas and can be applied via the link

Entrepreneurs will be supported in all areas they need

Cube Incubation produces solutions for entrepreneurs to overcome many difficulties they encounter in realizing their business ideas due to its care on entrepreneurship and new ideas. Cube Incubation aims to provide training and mentoring support to entrepreneurs in every field and subject they may need, such as developing business ideas, verification of ideas and production, performance analysis, evaluation of business plans, within the scope of its new project, which has recently been awarded support from TUBİTAK.

Entrepreneurs will benefit from office, wet dry laboratory and clean room facilities, while Technopark Istanbul will have the opportunity to meet with various companies and realize their work in the same ecosystem with entrepreneurs making deep technology-based developments thanks to BIGG Cube Incubation project.

Entrepreneurs can also obtain patent support through the Technopark Istanbul Technology Transfer Office (TTO), as well as benefitting from the supports offered within the scope of digital media and PR studies.

’We are making great progress in the development of domestic production.’’

Bilal Topcu, the general manager of Technopark Istanbul stated that the project greatly supports the entrepreneurs at Cube Incubation and said:

‘’ The entrepreneurial ecosystem plays a critical role in countries targeting development with technology. Many start-ups working on innovative business ideas in other Technoparks carry out projects that significantly reduce our country’s external dependence on technology. As Technopark Istanbul, we are pleased to offer close support to these entrepreneurs in our incubation centre.

In this context, the BIGG project is also an exciting project for us and we are excited to listen to the valuable solutions of the entrepreneurs who will benefit from this project and to support them in their implementation. We are extremely happy to act with the awareness that we are making great progress towards the development of domestic and national production with every step we take to support the entrepreneurs of our country. ‘’

source: AA / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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