SunExpress to fly to 11 new destinations from Antalya

SunExpress, which will increase the capacity and frequency of its flights from Antalya, will add Geneva, Ljubljana, Manchester, London, Sofia, Chisinau, Beirut, Erbil and Tel Aviv to its flight network this year and Malatya and Hatay domestically.

According to the statement made by SunExpress, the company, which has signed successful projects in cooperation with authorities and tourism professionals in order to show domestic and foreign tourists that Antalya is one of the safe addresses for holidays, especially during the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, will provide full support to Turkey and regional tourism in the summer of 2021.

SunExpress, which connects Antalya, which is described as the “capital of tourism”, to the most points with direct flights both on domestic and international routes, will add the cities of Geneva, Ljubljana, Manchester, London, Chisinau and Sofia to its Antalya-Europe flights in the summer season of 2021. As of May, the airline will start offering direct flights from Antalya to three important centers in the Middle East, Beirut, Erbil and Tel Aviv. SunExpress has added Hatay and Malatya to its domestic flights, in addition to 9 new destinations flights abroad.

The number of domestic destinations offered by the company from Malatya, Hatay and Antalya will increase to 10.

As of May 2021, SunExpress will restart flights from Antalya to Europe’s favorite destinations Warsaw, Prague, Budapest, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Paris, Lyon and Gothenburg, as well as many other cities.

Passengers who prefer SunExpress can make a reservation by visiting the company’s “” website or mobile application.

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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