Stock Market has become the leader of real income in the last 1 year

As of the end of SEPTEMBER, the only investment instrument that has earned its investors in real terms in the last 1 year has been the stock market. When reduced with the Consumer Price Index (CPI), the highest monthly real return in September was realized in Government Domestic Debt Securities (GDS) with 0.53%. The deposit interest (gross) was recorded as 0.01%, 0.43% for the euro, 0.44% for the dollar, 0.66% for bar gold and 2.34% for the BIST 100 Index, as investment instruments that made its investors lose. According to the six-month evaluation, bar gold provided the highest real return to its investors with 5.67% when it was reduced by CPI. In the same period, BIST 100 index was the investment instrument that lost the most to 12.38% investors.


When financial investment instruments are evaluated annually, BIST 100 Index became the investment instrument that provided the highest real return to its investors with 7.96% when it was reduced by CPI. When reduced with the CPI, investors lost 5.14% in the dollar, 5.32% in the euro, 7.9% in deposit interest, 10.62% in GDDS and 12.53% in bar gold.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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