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Speedy highway is build around Ankara and Kirikkale

The General Directorate of Security started inspections for violations in the 12 “average speed corridor” established on the Ankara ring road and the Ankara-Kirikkale departure and arrival routes.

According to the information received by the AA correspondent, with the “Highway-EDS Project”, which was initiated between the HGS and OGS toll booths on the 2,155-kilometer highways across the country in order to prevent traffic accidents caused by speed, fatal accidents decreased by 37% and casualties by 43% in 2020.

Upon the positive results, action was taken to initiate the application in sections where traffic accidents are intense on the inter-provincial state highways.

The “PTS-EDS Project” was initiated using software and hardware of the License Plate Recognition System (PTS) integrated into the existing City Safety Management System (KGYS) on routes where accidents occur frequently on intercity highways. “2021-2030 Road Traffic Safety Strategy Document” was created with the “Vision Zero” and “Safe System” approaches on the basis of “even a loss of life in traffic is too much”.

For the first phase of the project, which was initiated to prevent traffic accidents caused by speed and to ensure safe traffic flow, 12 “average speed corridors” were created on the Ankara ring road and the Ankara-Kirikkale departure and arrival routes.

The “average speed corridor”, which is 219.7 kilometers in the direction of roundtrips on the Ankara ring road, and 34.8 kilometers in both directions at Elmadag location on the Ankara-Kirikkale highway, started to be monitored with 66 cameras.

On the roads where traffic signs and warning signs written “average speed detection” are placed to inform the drivers, inspections for speed violations have started as of yesterday.

The average speeds of the vehicles will be determined on the routes where the “Speed Control System” has been created and administrative sanctions will be applied to those who exceed the limit.

The application is planned to be implemented at the points where accidents are concentrated on other routes throughout Turkey.

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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