Significant progress has been made in 1 year in Turkey’s Automobile

In a year since the preview vehicles were introduced to the public, TOGG designs were registered in the European Union, China, and Japan.

In 1 year since Turkey’s Automobile preview tools were introduced to the public, significant progress has been made in critical issues such as starting the construction of the production facility, registration of designs and the production of vehicle batteries.

Established under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and with Turkey’s Automobile Initiative Group’s work, Turkey’s 60-year domestically produced automobile dream came to life again.

On December 27 last year, at the “Turkey’s Automobile Initiative Group’s Journey to Innovation” promotion meeting held with the participation of President Erdogan, the features of “C-SUV”, C-SEDAN” models were shared with the public for the first time.

At the promotional event attended by approximately 2 thousand guests, the design of the vehicles received full marks from automobile lovers. On the other hand, in the researches about Turkey’s Automobile, it was seen that the rate of supporting the project was over 95%.

Designs have been registered

According to the information compiled by the AA reporter, speaking in a panel at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) started on January 7 in the USA, TOGG’s Senior Manager Gurcan Karakas, spoke about Turkey’s Automobile and how Turkey’s automotive industry is going to transform into a mobility ecosystem.

While TOGG’s Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) application file for the Electric Car Production Plant Project in Gemlik was opened to the public on March 2, the EIA meeting was held on March 17. The EIA report required for the start of the factory construction on June 2 was received positively from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

The interior and exterior designs of TOGG cars were registered by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) on April 12. On June 24, the SUV and Sedan designs of the cars were registered by the Chinese Patent Institute in the name of TOGG.

The foundation of the factory was laid in Gemlik

The commencement ceremony for the construction of TOGG Engineering, Design, and Production Facilities was held on July 18.

The foundation of the facility, which is planned to be completed in 18 months on an area of 1.2 million square meters in the Gemlik district of Bursa, was laid with the participation of President Erdogan.

TOGG Senior Manager Karakas said that they measured different names and alternatives in both Turkey and overseas markets and he announced on August 7 that they will continue with the TOGG brand on Turkey’s Automobile road.

After the European Union and China, TOGG designs, the Japanese Patent Office (JPO) registered TOGG’s C-SUV and Sedan designs on behalf of TOGG on August 18.

TOGG selected Farasis, one of the world’s leading Li-Ion battery manufacturers, as its business partner, to produce the battery module and package, one of the most basic components in the electric vehicle product range it develops. On October 20, a comprehensive letter of intent was signed in Informatics Valley with the participation of TOGG Board members.

It will be off the bands in 2022

Evaluated by the Ministry of Industry and Technology as one of the strategically important projects in the 2023 targets, Turkey’s Automobile is expected to be one of the pioneers of the targeted technological transformation.

After the necessary infrastructures are completed, the first vehicles are planned to be off the mass production line in the last quarter of 2022. The localization rate of vehicles, which is expected to be 51% when they hit the road, is expected to reach 68% by 2026.

Source: AA / Translated by Bazaar Times Team

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