Business break records with 62 millions users & 510 million visits stated that according to the Google Analytics data of June 2020 the economic activity caused by new regulations on housing and automotive loan interest rates, can be viewed on the online platforms. users started their postponed search for housing and automotive and with the low interest rates the number of those searches increased.

Visit rate of real estate category increased 2,9 times more compared to 2019 broke a new record with 62,7 millions of users, 509,6 millions of visits and 15,2 billions of page views.

Visits rate of real estate category of increased 2,9 times more compared to last year; category of the flats for sale increased 5,4 times more, residences for sale increased 3,1 times more, houses for sale increased 3 times more and summerhouses for sale increased 2,5 times more.

Users who want to live closer to nature are revealed by their search filters. Compared to 2019; it is seen that there have been a 4,5 times more increase in key search words ‘’flat for sale, house for sale’’, 3,6 times more increase in ‘’duplex’’, 3,5 times more increase in ‘’terraced’’, 2,6 times more increase in ‘’balconied’’, 2,4 more increase in ‘’villa’’and 2,2 time more increase in ‘’scenic’’.  Real estate searches were made the most on July 10 by users.

The interest in automotive category increased 62 percent more compared to 2019

According to the statement, the ones who do not want to use public transportation and delayed buying a car, searched the automotive category after the regulation of low interest rates of loans. According to the data of the interest in automotive category increased 62 percent more compared to 2019. There have been interest increase of 105 percent in minivan/ panel van, 65 percent of increase in salon vehicles, SUV/ Pick-up and 60 percent increase in automobile sub-categories compared to 2019.

The most searches were made on June 2020 for the last 10 years.

source: AA / translated by bazaar team

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