Saat&Saat increased its watch brands to 30 by purchasing Gunsal Saat

Saat&Saat increased its watch brands to 30 by purchasing Gunsal Saat, which is the distributor of Raymond Weil, Lacoste, Scuderia Ferrari and Bomberg watches in Turkey. Stating that they have achieved a 51% growth compared to the pre-pandemic period, Ramazan Kaya, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, said, “Compared to 2020, we are up 62%.” Stating that they expect their companies to increase their market share by 8 to 10% with the new acquisition, Kaya said, “Our targets are in this direction.”

Fashion brands are interested in smartwatches

Saying that before the pandemic, they obtained the rights to provide online sales service and retail sales for many of the brands we distributed in countries such as the Turkic Republics, Russia, Greece, the Balkans, and Ukraine, Kaya stated that fashion brands are interested in smartwatches. “These brands are making incredible investments in smartwatches. Currently, brands’ smartwatches have reached 85% of all transactions,” Kaya said. Stating that their investment appetite is high, Kaya evaluated the process since the beginning of the pandemic as follows: “We have set an aggressive plan and turnover target in 202. We will achieve 96% of it by the end of the year.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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