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Real Estate Sales Using Bitcoin has began in Turkey

The Most Expensive Bitcoin Estate Sale in Turkey is sold in Antalya

While Corona virus has massive impacts on economy and commerce worldwide, it also revised the payment options in various industries. In Turkey, the firms that make sales with the currency of BTC (Bitcoin) are getting more more common; in fact, the most expensive sale occurred short time ago with the sale of realty worth 1 million 250 thousand dollars.

Realty Sales with the Leader Crypto Currency, BTC

The Helmann Construction firm in Antalya, carries out realty projects that are especially based on foreing investors. Firm has added the BTC currency as a payment option. Selman Özgün, the Helmann’s board chairman, states that Covid-19 had irreversible effects worldwide; emphasizing the changes in the firm policies, new technologies and strategies in the industry.

Selman Özgün: ‘’The BTC currency will inevitably be used in the future.’’

Özgün, stating that the firms are moving towards new operating systems, online work and new payment methods, added:

”The firms with broad vision will be the new, dynamic entrepreneurs. It is known that the digital world is a part of commercial operations. Digital currencies are more and more accepted, the contemporary operations are altered with more reliable solutions.”

Özgün said, the firm started using BTC currency to keep up with the digital trends and contunied:

‘’BTC currency will enable us to have a more place in the digital world. It offers much more easy and fast payment, this is important concerning the overseas investment. We can realize the transition to a new era in industries with facts, for example, in construction industry; usage of drones, smart houses, technology of VR. The smart solutions that come with digitalization like digital contracts, digital payment, ease everything for both companies and the clients.’’

The President of Antalya Homes: ‘’The realty worth 1 million 250 thousand dollars sold using BTC.’’

Antalya Homes, mediating the most expensive realty sale using BTC, provided distant sale via TeleProperty. The president of Homes Bayram Tekçe added:

‘’ Before the sale of a villa in Antalya, we contacted the client online, make the client be able to watch the former footages of the villa recorded by a drone and we provided the seller and the buyer contact each other online, we were a mediator in this sale and it became the most expensive sale with BTC in Turkey.’’

source: kriptokoin / translated by bazaar team

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