Ozgur Onur Ozguven: The Most Trusted Country for Foreign Investors Is Turkey

Ozguven Architecture and Construction Inc. Chairman of the Board of Directors Ozgur Onur Ozguven, who is one of the most sought-after names by investors in Central Asia with the projects he signed, said; “Turkey has played an important role in world trade since the past. As a result of our research, Turkey is one of the countries that foreign investors trust the most. With Turkey’s location as a bridge between Asia and Europe, tourism, construction industry and architecture, it is in the close mark of foreign investors. After the Pandemic, Turkey is the first choice of many European investors who see the location as a great advantage. While our foreign investors experienced a decrease of 24% during the pandemic process, it increased to 32% again after the pandemic. The increase in investments, especially in the fields of Health, Construction, Tourism and Architecture, is also an indicator of the trust of foreign investors in the Turks.”

Ozgur Onur Ozguven’s professional experience, who received many offers from investors in Europe, brought his success to the top with his projects with many domestic and foreign investors, construction companies, private real estate investors and government institutions.

Who is Ozgur Onur Ozguven?

Ozgur Onur Ozguven was born in Ankara on 12.02.1976 and completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Ankara. He graduated from the European University of Lefke, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering.

After working professionally in important companies in the construction sector, he founded Ozguven Architecture and Construction Inc. with his brother Ugur Ozer Ozguven in 2004, with Ankara headquarters and Istanbul branches.

Ozgur Onur Ozguven’s professional experience plays an important role in working with many domestic and foreign investors, construction companies, private real estate investors and government institutions and increases the success of the company.

Ozguven Architecture and Construction Inc., of which he is the chairman of the board of directors, has been one of the fastest-growing Turkish companies between 2016-2021, while providing investment, project, turnkey construction and application services.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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