New application between Istanbul and Izmir: It will provide convenience to drivers

A new application has been launched in order to prevent waiting times at the toll booths due to drivers paying with cash or credit card at the Fast Pass System-Automatic Pass System (HGS-OGS) toll booths on the Istanbul-Izmir Highway. Drivers who have insufficient balance at HGS-OGS toll booths will be able to make their payment transactions within 15 days with the violating pass form they will receive by pressing the buttons at the toll booths without the option of paying with cash or credit card.

Within the scope of the application put into effect by Otoyol Investment and Operations Inc., drivers receive a “violation pass notification form” by pressing the button placed at the HGS-OGS toll booths. The drivers, who continue on their way with the opening of the barrier immediately after, can pay the toll within 15 days with the directions written in the notification. Information about their passage can be followed by entering license plate information on e-Government, General Directorate of Highways (, Otoyol Inc. ( websites and Otoyol Mobile application.

The push-button pass, which has been put into use in most of the toll booths on the 426-kilometer highway with the connection roads, will be implemented at all HGS-OGS exit tolls until the end of the year.

Otoyol Investment and Operations Inc. Deputy General Manager Halil Omurtak reminded the AA correspondent that all stages of the Istanbul-Izmir Highway, which they are managing, were put into service as of August 2019.

Stating that they have successfully continued their operation and maintenance activities, Omurtak said, “Drivers use our highway for a certain fee depending on the distance they will travel. In return for this fee, our primary goal is to ensure that the service we provide is flawless. In this context, solutions are developed and operational maintenance activities are carried out by taking into account the complaints and demands of all our drivers who use our road.”

Omurtak stated that they have recently designed a solution-oriented project in order to eliminate the grievances of drivers with the HGS-OGS label.

Emphasizing that the payment preferences have changed greatly in the vehicle transitions that have been examined since the beginning of the business, Omurtak shared the following information:

“In the first years, the rate of our customers who wanted to pay their fees with cash or credit card was around 65%. This situation led to the existence of cash and credit card payment options at HGS and OGS checkout counters as well as cash tolls. Cash and credit card payment options have a serious processing time compared to HGS and OGS payment options. While our customers with the HGS-OGS label check out within 3 seconds, it takes 45 seconds on average for our cash and credit card customers to check out. For example, while only one vehicle pays at the cash counter, HGS-OGS has the opportunity to successfully pass 15 vehicles from the toll booths. Because an infrastructure system has been established that will enable this transition in 3 seconds.”


Halil Omurtak explained that the rate of ownership of the HGS-OGS label among motorway users has increased from 35% to 80%. Omurtak stated that currently, the use of cash and credit cards is 15% at cash counters, and 5% of those who make their payments in cash or credit card at HGS-OGS counters for various reasons. “If we consider these percentages as vehicles, 80 vehicles lose their superiority of fast transit in 3 seconds, since 5 out of every 100 vehicles pay with cash or credit card at HGS-OGS toll booths.”

Pointing out that they have received intense complaints about this situation recently and that the new application was designed to eliminate this grievance, Omurtak said:

“The system primarily directs the drivers who want to make their transit at HGS-OGS toll booths with cash or credit card to the cash desks, and ensures that only drivers with a label can use the HGS-OGS toll booths. In cases where the payment cannot be received at the HGS-OGS toll booths, the drivers will be able to press the button and receive the ‘violation pass notification form’, the barrier will be opened and they will be able to pay the toll within 15 days with the directions written in the notification.

With this application, 80% of the drivers will have the right to pass quickly without waiting at the toll booth. Since there will be no waiting at the toll booths, a positive contribution will be made against environmental pollution by saving both time and fuel. As Otoyol Investment and Operations Inc., our aim with this new application is to bring satisfaction and comfort to the highest level by ensuring that millions of drivers who will use the Istanbul-Izmir Highway during our operation pass through the toll booths quickly without waiting.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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