Minister Varank: Very serious investors from abroad are investing in the Turkish game industry

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank had an iftar with young people at the animation and sound studio ISF Studios, where the cartoon ‘Rafadan Tayfa’ was produced in Ankara.

According to the statement made by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, Minister Varank came together with young people who are fond of animation, design and games at ISF Studios, where ‘Rafadan Tayfa’ was produced. Minister Varank, who attended the program hosted by Ismail Fidan, the producer and director of the cartoon, together with his wife Esra Varank, examined the animation production processes on site with the youth. Varank and his entourage later had iftar here.

Minister Varank stated that they will cooperate with the ISF through the Ankara Development Agency and said that they will also support those who receive training in the academy that is planned to be established. Stating that the academy will work like the factory of the sector, Varank emphasized that the young people who graduate from the face-to-face and online trainings to be given here will be brought to the sector. Varank stated that he received the promise from Fidan that the students participating in the invitation could come to the studio as interns and that the studio would be opened to sound artists as well.


Noting that ISF studios have a very serious infrastructure that also serves Turkish culture, Varank said, “Animation, serials and movies are produced here. At the same time, very serious and high-quality works are carried out as a sound studio for dubbing. We are really pleased with the point the game industry has reached recently. Our companies produce very serious added value. Very serious investors from abroad are making serious investments in the game industry and our companies. In 2021, Istanbul was the city that received the most investment in the field of playgrounds in the world.”


Noting that they touch every aspect of life, Varank said, “As the Ministry of Industry and Technology, we covered the roof of Gobeklitepe with a membrane of nanomaterial. If we are struggling to develop Turkey, the first responsibility falls on our ministry.”

In the program, singer Elif Buse Dogan gave a mini concert and surprised the guests who came to the iftar. Do─čan, who sang many pieces from hymns to folk music compositions, also sang different versions of Kutahya Tavsanli’s popular folk song ‘Samsak Doveci’. After the concert, Minister Varank presented Elif Buse Dogan with a Teknofest coat.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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