LeasePlan Turkey adds electric vehicles to its fleet

LeasePlan Turkey has included the ZS EV model electric vehicles of the electric vehicle manufacturer MG, which is the distributor of Dogan Trend Automotive, into its fleet.

According to the LeasePlan Turkey statement, the new zero-emission vehicles of LeasePlan Turkey are also available on, the company’s online rental channel, and all other sales channels.

Turkay Oktay, General Manager of LeasePlan Turkey, who gave his views on the subject, said, “As LeasePlan, we have a pioneering identity in the field of electric vehicles. In particular, we are one of the founding members of the EV100 initiative, which was established by the United Nations in 2018. With our global structure, we are working towards our goal of switching our entire fleet to zero-emission vehicles by 2030, and as LeasePlan Turkey, we are taking concrete steps in our country. In this regard, we continue to prepare our market, which lags behind its examples in Europe, for zero-emission transformation.

As the most up-to-date example of our concrete steps, we have included MG-branded electric vehicles in our fleet in the Turkish market. We started to offer MG electric vehicles, which stand out with their attractive SUV design, short charging time and satisfactory range, both on our online rental channel ‘’ and in all our sales channels. MG is a good brand and the ZS EV, which I personally tried using it, is also a good vehicle. Also, as LeasePlan Turkey, we have always had a good business partnership with Dogan Trend Automotive, MG’s representative in Turkey. We think that there will be a win-win understanding for both our customers, MG and LeasePlan Turkey.’

‘We offer solutions with a full service approach at a single point’

Noting that as LeasePlan Turkey, they offer comprehensive solutions to customers who want to get acquainted with electric vehicle technology, Oktay said, “We offer solutions with a one-stop full-service approach to customers who have question marks about charging opportunities, and if they wish, we provide services for the installation of charging units in their offices or homes. The comments we received with the test drive opportunity we offer to our users who are curious about 100% electric technology are very positive. We are happy to have taken pioneering and concrete steps to accelerate the transformation of a more sustainable world and the newly revitalized Turkish electric vehicle market.’

‘When it comes to electricity, the cards are redistributed’

Dogan Holding Automotive Group Companies Chief Executive (CEO) Kagan Dagtekin stated that they are happy to work with LeasePlan and said:

SAIC, owner of the British MG brand, is the world’s third-largest manufacturer of electric cars. As Dogan Trend Automotive, we are happy to represent a brand that knows electric car technology well and produces high-volume production. Bringing a new brand to a country with a competitive market is difficult, but when it comes to electric cars, the cards are redistributed. We aimed to be a pioneer in this field. We think that the MG ZS EV model is a very suitable solution, especially for environmentally friendly corporate companies.

As MG Turkey, we have also proven that electric cars are now accessible. Not only 100% electric cars, plug-in hybrids and mild hybrids also have an important place in the market. In the MG case, we will soon bring the plug-in hybrid model EHS and the premium MARVEL-R model to Turkey. We think that these models are very suitable for our corporate customers in the Turkish market. As Dogan Trend Automotive, we will continue to offer a product range of MG focused mainly on electric to Turkey.’

Dagtekin stated that it is important to offer a special approach to customers for the rental of electric cars, and that it is necessary to explain the features and advantages of electric vehicles to users who encounter a new energy model, without leaving any question marks.

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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