Kosk Dam that was started to be built for the purpose of irrigation has been 80% completed

The Kosk Dam, which was started to be built for the purpose of irrigation of agricultural land in Erzurum, has been 80% completed. With the completed dam, an annual contribution of over 1 million will be made to the national economy.

Kosk Dam, which is under construction in Erzurum, will carry out irrigation activities of an important agricultural area in the region. Millions of liras of investments made by the State Hydraulic Works in the region in recent years make a significant contribution to the livestock and energy sectors in both electricity production and agricultural irrigation. Finally, the Kosk Dam, which is 80% completed in the Yakutiye district of Erzurum, is expected to contribute over ₺1 million to the country’s economy per year.

Making a written statement on the subject, DSI General Manager Kaya Yildiz said: “We are close to the end of the Kosk Dam built in Erzurum. After the dam, the country’s economy will be contributed. With the completion of the dam, 1770 decares of agricultural land will be irrigated with the water to be stored in the dam. The body fill productions continue in the dam. Spillway manufacturing and access roads will be constructed. With the completion of the Kosk Dam, which is 41 meters high from the foundation and has a water storage capacity of 0.500 million cubic meters, it is aimed to contribute ₺1 million 62 thousand to the national economy with 2021 unit prices.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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