Kirklareli OIZ, favorite of investors, aimed to have 95 factories

With the new investments in Kirklareli Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ), it is aimed to increase the number of factories from 37 to 95.

In the OIZ, which started its operations in the village of Kizilcikdere in 1990 and where 37 companies are producing, 9 companies continue their machinery installation activities and 12 companies continue their construction activities.

The companies that bought their parcels are working on projects for investment in the OIZ, which attracts the attention of local and foreign investors with its proximity to the Derekoy Border Gate opening to Europe, the Igneada Port on the Black Sea coast and Istanbul.

With the new investments, it is aimed to increase the number of factories and employment significantly in Kirklareli OIZ, which has many advantages compared to the OIZs in the surrounding provinces.

Kirklareli Governor Osman Bilgin told Anadolu Agency (AA) that Kirklareli OIZ has recently become the focus of attention of investors.

Stating that the infrastructure works and roads in the OIZ have been completed, Bilgin said that with the expansion of the OIZ area, new investors have taken their place in the region.

Bilgin said, “We have 37 factories in Kirklareli Organized Industrial Zone. Our total number of employees is 3,500. With the new investments, the number of factories will reach 95, the number of employees will increase to 10 thousand in the first stage, 15 thousand in the second stage, and 25 thousand when completed.”

“Establish a factory and start production” call to investors

Governor Bilgin stated that Kirklareli OIZ is one of the important investment areas not only of Trakya but also of Turkey.

Stating that a good momentum has been achieved in this regard, Bilgin said:

“I believe that the OIZ will reach its goals as soon as possible. This is the Organized Industrial Zone with the best infrastructure in Turkey. We provide 5% to 10% cheaper services in the area, from electricity to natural gas, water purification and all other services. This place feels like a city. Entrepreneurs should come here, they can also invest in other commercial units here. Let them set up their factories and start their production. The late one loses, the early one wins.”

Governor Bilgin added that Kirklareli Organized Industrial Zone is one of the best environmentally friendly organized industrial zones in Turkey, and that they do not allow the establishment of factories that harm nature and cause problems in waste management.

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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