ITO and Turk Telekom contributes to digital transformation of SMEs

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) and Turk Telekom collaborated to lead the digital transformation of SMEs, which constitute the important power of the country’s economy, and to ensure that they gain an advantage in global competition. In this context, Turk Telekom has become a strategic partner of the platform, which is the final product of ITO’s European Union-backed digitization of SMEs project and can be accessed at

Turk Telekom, which is the pioneer of solutions that make Turkish businesses stand out in the digital world, and Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO), which has 430 thousand companies, have signed an important cooperation in order to make SMEs stand out in the competition by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by technology.

Turk Telekom became the strategic partner of the platform, which is an important stage of the Twinning Project for the Digitalization of SMEs, which is awarded a grant within the scope of the Turkey-EU Business Dialogue Program and is carried out in partnership with ITO coordinatorship and Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Digital transformation needs of 430 thousand members will be met

With the project carried out on the website of, it is aimed to meet the digital transformation needs of 430 thousand members in Istanbul with a reliable and comprehensive corporate approach. The platform aims to facilitate the digital transformation of enterprises by providing services such as training and consultancy in 9 different transformation areas to SMEs in the manufacturing and service sectors.

With the cooperation, Turk Telekom will offer products, services and solutions to businesses that will facilitate their digital transformation. Turk Telekom will also support SMEs with content, presentations and trainings that will benefit international economy and competitive conditions.

We aim to increase the innovation capabilities of our SMEs with the project

ITO President Sekib Avdagic said that SMEs are at the heart of digital transformation. Stating that digitalization gives excitement and encouragement to our entrepreneurs, Avdagic said. “SMEs, which are the lifeblood of our economy and society, face many challenges, from strong cyber protection to online supply management and online response to customer demands. Economies, societies and governments around the world are becoming digital. Our SMEs use the opportunity of digitalization to increase their productivity and create new business opportunities. We consider our Digital SME project important to increase the competitiveness of Turkish SMEs in the digital economy. We aim to increase the digital potential and innovation capabilities of our SMEs with the project. The new energy of our economy is digital technologies, and the cells of this energy source are SMEs,” AvdagiƧc said, adding that they are very pleased that Turk Telekom is a strategic partner of ITO’s Digital SME initiative.

The transformation of SMEs will transform our country

Turk Telekom CEO Umit Onal said, “We continue to work with all our strength to build the future of Turkey and to digitalize our country. Turkey’s SMEs are the cornerstone of our economic and social development. We also provide a comprehensive technology support to our tradesmen and SMEs, which we believe to create a great potential for our country, to work more efficiently and to open up to international markets, and we position ourselves as the closest solution partner to SMEs in digitalization processes. We always stand by businesses with our various products, services and services ranging from mobile to fixed internet, from cloud services to data center. We are proud to add a new one to these services. Because, the digital transformation of Turkey’s is the return of SMEs.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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