Hummingbird Ventures announced two new $ 200 million funds to invest in Turkish start-ups

Fırat Ileri, one of the managers of Hummingbird Ventures, London-based venture capital firm, announced on his corporate Medium account that the firm has two new $ 200 million funds. Hummingbird Ventures invests on Turkish start-ups and made an exit with the sale of Zynga for $ 1.8 billion.

According to the statement made by Hummingbird, it is said that a seed investment between $500 thousand and $5 million can be made in initiatives that focus on the global. It is also stated that it is not necessarily difficult to reach a valuation of $1 billion and that this will only be possible with the right strategy and the right investment.

The uncertainty in emerging industries and the lack of “data” to define the market made it difficult for enterprises to receive investments. Hummingbird VC will continue to work to understand and support new technologies in these areas.

Two new funds

Seed Fund HV4: This fund is valued at $60 million; it will be used for investments between $500 thousand and $5 million in seed stage initiatives.

Opportunity Fund: This fund is valued at $ 140 million; it will be used in order to invest on Hummningbird’s previous investment or start-ups seeking advanced investment, these investments will be up to $ 20 million.

Hummingbird, has taken over 200 shareholders for these funds in less than a month at the first and last closing with the great support of its existing private investor bases. According to the statement made:

‘’ We want to be the seed stage investors of global companies that will shape the future.’’

First two initiatives with these funds were investments in Pristyn Care and Kernal Biologics. For now, in line with this information, if you are an enterprise looking for a seed investment, you can now visit Hummingbird’s website and make an investment application.

source: / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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