Heat insulation in construction increases property value & decreases monthly bills: Energy Association

Emre Alkin, the executive president of Energy Productivity of Structures Association (VERIMDER) stated that heat insulation operations decreased the costs of heating and cooling; insulated structures also can make nearly 50 percent fuel saving. He said:

‘’ Heat insulation provides great advantages for housing sales; exterior insulation adds nearly 15 percent value in short terms and prolongs the structures’ life span. If 7 thousand 500 liras heat insulation is made on a house that is valued at 500 thousand liras, it’s housing value is increased by 75 thousand liras. Consumer will gain 10 times more than the cost itself.’’

Alkin said that heat insulation adds an important value on Energy Performance Certificate which became obligatory as from January; this certificate increases the value of the buildings in the renting, selling and buying processes.  He added:

‘’ Energy Performance Certificate forms a reference for the structures. Low category certificates result in larger amount of taxes and construction permit is not given in the absence of this certificate.  It is important to have this certificate and increase it’s value by heat insulation. ‘’

Heat insulation is not common in Turkey

Alkin stated that there are over 8.5 million licensed buildings and over 18 million licensed housings; only 6 percent of the buildings and 10 percent of the housings are insulated properly. He said:

‘’It is obligatory to present the Energy Performance Certificate while selling and buying a building. Only 873 thousand buildings have had this certificate ever since the regulations effectuated in 2011.

Current deficit of a building is also negatively affected in the absence of heat insulation. It is possible to decrease Turkey’s external dependency, provide 5 billion dollars saving in energy export annually and make heat insulation reach 16 million buildings in 10 years via this mobilisation. Consumers do not want to make savings by staying in dark, sweating or being cold. ‘’

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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