Green Credit from Halkbank: Green energy projects will be financed

The steps towards the zero-emission target in the fight against climate change continue. In this context, Halkbank is launching a new financing program. Many projects from green workplaces to electric charging stations will be financed with a term of 84 months.

Halkbank announced the Green Energy Loan Package. Projects focusing on energy saving will be supported with packages.

The Green Energy Loan Package consists of maturities up to 84 months on the basis of 6 products. Many areas are supported, from renewable energy investments to green workplaces.

Credits are also provided for Energy Efficiency, Green Certified Constructions and electric vehicle charging stations.

With the “Renewable Energy Investment Loan”, companies will be able to meet their energy needs with renewable energy systems.

It can be evaluated for investments in SPP, WPP and biogas facility.

The loan can be used for Solar Power Plant (GES) and Wind Power Plant (RES), biogas plant, geothermal plant investments.

An Energy Efficiency Credit is given for expenditures to ensure that buildings are heated with more environmentally friendly fuels and at lower cost. Electric Vehicle Charging Station Credit can be used to meet the energy needs of electric vehicles.

Source: Trthaber / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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