Google Game and Application Academy will provide employment to 2,000 young people

Google Turkey, Entrepreneurship Foundation and T3 Enterprise Center joined forces for the “Google Game and Application Academy” project. 2,000 people will graduate from the Academy in a year.

Google Turkey, Entrepreneurship Foundation and T3 Entrepreneurship Center joined forces for the “Google Game and Application Academy” project, which was implemented to contribute to the development of Turkey’s digital game and application ecosystem by providing support for the training of a qualified workforce for the technology sector. With the trainings within the scope of the project, implemented in cooperation with Google Turkey, Entrepreneurship Foundation and T3 Enterprise Center, with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Technology and the Presidency’s Digital Transformation Office, it is aimed to provide young people with the necessary skills and knowledge for employment in the rapidly growing technology sector, which is in demand in the changing labor market in Turkey. In the first year of the academy, it is aimed to have 2000 graduates, at least 50% of whom are women. Thanks to the trainings and career programs that can be accessed online, scholarship holders are provided with the opportunity to participate from anywhere in Turkey and at any time. Within the scope of the program, which is free and open to the application of anyone between the ages of 18-29, a 7-month intensive training in the field of games and application software is offered without any prior education or experience in the technology sector. In addition to technical and business training, scholarship holders are offered the opportunity to obtain a certificate from the Google Project Management Program on Coursera, which will be offered in Turkish for the first time.


Technology Minister Mustafa Varank said, “With these signatures, Google Academy will provide training to our young people who are interested in game and application development in Turkey. Our 2000 young people will receive up to 400 hours of free training. Our young people who receive these trainings will be provided with mentorship services by the Entrepreneurship Foundation and T3 Entrepreneurship Foundation on how they can become a company and establish their own ventures. Our young people will have the opportunity to meet with investors. I especially invite our young people who are interested in application development to participate in this program.”


GOOGLE Turkey Country Manager Mehmet Keteloglu stated that they have been working for 15 years since 2006 to develop the technology ecosystem, to root national and local initiatives in our country, and to support qualified workforce in this direction, and that they have invested in the future of the country. Keteloglu noted the following with the launch of the Academy: “We will add a new step to the national technology field of our country with this intensive training program open to the application of all young people, which we will carry out in cooperation with GIRVAK and T3 Entrepreneurship Center. With this step, we aim to contribute to the emergence of many more unicorn initiatives, while spreading the momentum gained in the game industry, which produced the first unicorn of our country, to wider masses in line with the 2023 vision, while at the same time aiming to develop qualified workforce in line with the goal of bringing Turkey into the league of decacorns.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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