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Gaziantep will get its energy from nature

Gaziantep, the locomotive city of the Southeastern Anatolia Region, turned towards generating the energy flow of the city from renewable energy in order to protect nature and future generations.

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality aims to meet the energy deficit of the municipality in the first place, and then the city from renewable sources, with the solar and biogas power plants implemented within the framework of the Climate Master Plan prepared 7 years ago.

Gaziantep, which is the locomotive of the Southeastern Anatolia Region in almost every field from industry to tourism, aims to strengthen its power with renewable energy resources.

In this context, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality took action to meet the increasing energy need more economically and started to invest in local and renewable energy resources.

Within the scope of the studies, the municipal teams aiming to produce 3 million 400 thousand kWh electricity annually with 2 solar power plants in Baglarbasi, thus reducing the emission of 500 tons of CO2 per year.

In addition, with the 18 MW solar power plant planned to be built next year, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality will gain the title of being the first and only institution in Turkey that provides all electricity consumption from renewable energy sources. The facility to be established is expected to produce 25 million 500 thousand kWh annually.

On the other hand, with the 193 KW solar power plant to be built on the roof of the Barrier-Free Life Center, half of the center’s electricity consumption will be met by solar energy. The works started to establish a solar power plant on the roofs of 40 social facilities, sports halls and condolence houses belonging to the municipality have been accelerated.

The Biogas Power Plant, which is realized in Oguzeli district, brings both energy and high quality fertilizer from animal wastes to the economy. In this way, the fertility of the soil is increased and clean water resources are protected.

The button was pressed for the installation of a 3 MW Biogas Power Plant in Sehitkamil district.

The goal is to meet the energy of the city

Gaziantep Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Sahin told Anadolu Agency (AA) that when she took office, they focused on the city’s zoning master plan.

Stating that they were working on the transportation master plan right after, Sahin said, “We did not neglect something while doing these. We prepared the Climate Master Plan. We prepared this plan exactly 7 years ago and became the first municipality to work in this field in Turkey.”

Stating that they obtained a road map on how to protect the soil, air and water in this way, Sahin said:

“We determined the pollutants of this city, we acted on what we can do against it. The most important was the carbon dioxide emission. We learned that the most important way to reduce carbon dioxide emission is renewable energy. We are in the midst of the fertile crescent and the sun. That’s why we want to produce the electricity we consume ourselves. That’s why we first started with 1 megawatt. We increased our megawatts and built our solar parking garages. Now we are establishing our Energy Inc. Our government now gives us the opportunity for our work over 5 megawatts. We met with EMRA and our Ministry of Energy. We are working on how we can provide all the electricity consumed by the city through renewable energy. This is our most important topic for now. “

Stating that the biogas facility was also established within the scope of studies on renewable energy resources and activities are continuing, Sahin said, “Here, too, we produce both energy and liquid fertilizer from solid and liquid waste of animals. We use the produced liquid fertilizer in our parks and gardens.”

Stating that the teams are also working on wind energy and that they will make investments in this sense in the near future, Sahin noted that researches are continuing on how to evaluate the geothermal resource discovered in the city.

Stating that they want to be a city at peace with nature, Sahin said, “The pandemic has shown us that you need to protect nature, air and energy. Therefore, we need to increase renewable energy. As Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, we make great efforts to turn all the energy consumed by the city into renewable energy. In this sense, we are taking important steps.”

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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