Galataport Istanbul’s first ship to anchor in August

Galataport Istanbul Deputy General Manager for Marketing Bali said, “We will host cruise ships when they start their journey. The first ship is expected to arrive from Sochi with 800 passengers in August.”

Galataport Istanbul Deputy General Manager for Marketing (CMO) Mehmet Bali made statements to the AA correspondent regarding the latest developments in the Galataport Istanbul project.

Stating that Galataport Istanbul will serve in a neighborhood concept that will offer outdoor strolls, eating and drinking and a spacious shopping environment, Bali said that they will start to open gradually in August.

Bali said, “We are very excited about this. As of August, we are waiting for all Istanbul residents, especially the people of Karakoy, and everyone from Turkey. Because a really important project for Turkey is being signed here. For this reason, Galataport Istanbul will be a neighborhood that embraces everyone, a neighborhood where historicity, innovation and aesthetics come together.”

Pointing out that the terminal created for cruise ships in the Galataport Istanbul project also plays an important role, Bali said, “Of course, we also have a cruise terminal. It is our construction of the 29,000 square meter terminal underground that makes it accessible after 200 years on this beach. And it is indeed a very impressive operation, and the reason why no one has been able to access it here for 200 years was that it was actually a bonded area.”

Bali said, “Now, with our cover system, which is a first in the world, we remove these covers when the ship approaches, and create a temporary bonded area, and our cruise passengers go down with the platforms and complete all their transactions there. When the ship leaves our port, we lower those covers back to the ground and people continue to enjoy the Bosphorus air and open-air there. We are building unique experiences here for our neighborhood and our guests.”

“We expect 1.5 million cruise passengers per year”

Stating that the rentals in Galataport Istanbul are progressing rapidly and that the occupancy is about to be reached, Bali said, “Galataport Istanbul will also contribute a lot to tourism. We expect 1.5 million cruise passengers per year. Cruise passengers are a group with more spending power than other tourists. Galataport Istanbul will make a very serious contribution to tourism. Having such a terminal, such a project, a project that invests so much in culture, art and innovation will make a worldwide impact.”

“We started taking reservations”

Bali stated that it was previously planned for the first ship to dock at Galataport Istanbul terminal in April, but this did not happen due to the epidemic.

Stating that the reservations have started again, Bali said, “When the cruise ships start their journey, we will host them. We have reservations now. We are ready as a terminal, and our operation center is also ready. The first ship is expected to arrive from Sochi with 800 passengers in August, and from here it will continue to the Black Sea.”

Large enough to include 53 football fields

According to the information obtained from Galataport Istanbul, The process of the project, which has a total investment budget of $1.7 billion, started with the Dogus Group’s winning the Salipazari Port Tender opened by the Privatization Administration in 2013 and its partnership with BLG Capital, a subsidiary of Bilgili Holding, in January 2014. In February 2014, the port area was taken over and operations started.

The Galataport Istanbul project, which is spread over an area of 400 thousand square meters in the city center, by the Bosphorus, is being built on an area large enough to include 53 football fields.

The coastline, which has been closed to the public for 200 years, has been opened to access

The historical port of the city has been transformed into a world-class cruise port and a new destination with the Galataport Istanbul project. This coastline, which has been closed to the public for 200 years, has been opened to the public.

Galataport Istanbul draws attention with its disabled-friendly and low-rise buildings, designed in the concept of a neighborhood, and having an architecture in harmony with the historical texture of the region. Within the scope of the project, which has a horizontal architectural understanding and a high open area throughout the concept, a similar design approach was designed in all areas within the concept, especially in restaurants and cafes.

Galataport Istanbul offers its visitors a “breathing”, healthy and safe culture and arts, working, shopping and eating and drinking experience. The project stands out as a place where Istanbulites and visitors of the city can spend all their days with their families and loved ones and create new memories. There are approximately 250 retail and food-beverage points in the project site.

Galataport Istanbul, which has become a source of inspiration for similar projects in the world even at the project stage, hosts the terminal, which was realized for the first time in the world and was constructed underground with a special cover system. Thanks to this innovation, the coastline of Karakoy, which has been closed for nearly 200 years, has been opened to the public as one of the most special walking routes of the city.

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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